Above: Culurgiones (koo-loor-JOE-nehs) are a type of Sardinian ravioli. The dough is made from semolina flour, white floor, eggs, water and salt then giving a soft crust. The filling is commonly made with boiled potatoes, olive oil, pecorino cheese, garlic, mint and nutmeg. We’ll be serving homemade Culurgiones this Wednesday at ROMA at our Sardinian food and wine dinner! Details follow below.

Wednesday, October 23
7:00 p.m.

Culurgiones d’Ogliastra
Homemade potato stuffed pasta in a fresh tomato sauce
Cantina Mesa Giunco, Vermentino di Sardegna, Sardinia 2017

Maialino alla Sarda
Traditional baked whole suckling pig
Pala “Silenzi” Carignano/Monica, Sardinia 2016

Seadas al Miele
Fresh Sardinian sheep’s cheese dumpling topped with honey
Cantine Argiolas Costera, Cannonau di Sardegna, Sardinia 2016

$49.50 per guest plus tax and gratuity

Please call (713) 664-7581 to reserve.

FREE Wine Tastings Tuesday evenings at ROMA (6:00 p.m.). Taste and learn about Italian wines with ROMA owner Shanon Scott. Please text Shanon on his cell.
(713) 459-4911 to reserve (only 16 spots available each week).

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