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“Born to Calabrian mother and a Pugliese father,” write the editors of the Click2Houston website, “ROMA’s executive chef Angelo Cuppone is a true son of southern Italy.”

“Cuppone grew up along Italy’s Adriatic coast, where he studied at one of the country’s most prestigious culinary schools. One of his first jobs in Italy was in Il Pescatore, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.”

“A stint at a Starwood resort followed. But his career really took off when he took over the kitchen at La Grotta, an agriturismo in Pesaro where he grew up. Pesaro was a farm-to-table countryside restaurant, where literally everything the chef prepares is grown or raised on the estate where it is served.”

“‘I want to give our customers emotions, not just food,’ Angelo said in an interview with Good Taste. “I want to give them an experience through the food.'”

“If you haven’t had the chance to make the journey to ROMA for dinner, then you need to put this one on your list for 2020.”

Click here for their Q&A with Chef Angelo and
his insights into great Italian cooking
(and his secret hankering for a certain Texas dish).

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