ROMA wine director Jeremy Parzen is currently traveling in Italy, his first visit to his spiritual homeland in more than 18 months. In this post, he shares some notes from his trip. Jeremy will be back at the restaurant the second week of August. Stay tuned for updates about free tastings, in-person wine dinners, and virtual wine tasting menus.

It’s already been an extremely emotional and exhilarating experience.

I’ve only been on the ground in Italy since Monday. But I’ve already had some unforgettable meals and wines.

That’s a shot I took, above, of the vineyard where the Arcari + Danesi winery grows Chardonnay for its classic method (in other words, Champagne method) wines. The summer has been hot here and winemakers are concerned about a lack of rainfall. But they are still confident that they will have an excellent vintage this year. (Bubbles lovers, check out the Arcari + Danesi Franciacorta on our list!)

I’m in Italy right now to teach at the Slow Food University of Gastronomic Sciences in the heart of Piedmont wine country. I teach two seminars, one in food communications and the other in wine communications, for the graduate program there. It’s a pretty cool gig: I’m literally just 20 minutes away from some of Italy’s most iconic wineries.

In a regular year, I would come to Italy six or seven times. It’s been really tough to spend so much time away from the land of my inspiration. I have to say: It’s great to be back!

Look out for more photos from Jeremy’s trip here and on our Instagram.

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