Chef Sandro’s Famous Orecchiette
Thursday, July 29

If you are reading this, you are probably already familiar with the famous pasta from Puglia (the “heel” of Italy’s “boot”) known as orecchiette.

The pasta name is commonly translated as “little ears” (orecchio means ear in Italian). That’s because the shape of the pasta, with its little dimple, resembles an ear. It’s the perfect pasta shape for sauces because that dimple acts as a little spoon that scoops up all the flavor.

What you may not know is that ROMA’s executive chef Sandro Scarafile was born in Puglia: orecchiette is one of his favorite dishes to make because they remind him of his early childhood.

What’s even more exciting is that Chef Sandro is making them this week for our WINE DINNER TO-GO! And we’ll be pairing them with some of our favorite wines, including an Adriatic Cabernet Sauvignon that delivers just enough power so as not to overwhelm the pasta and its venison sauce. And a big Valpolicella Ripasso, another one of our top wines, with the classic veal piccata.

See the complete menu and reservation details below.

ROMA wine director Jeremy is still teaching in Italy this week (he’ll be back for his first FREE tasting at the restaurant on Tuesday, August 10). Use the link below to email him to reserve. He is seven hours ahead of Texas time but he will get back to you with a confirmation. And rest assured we’ll have your Wine Dinner To-Go ready and waiting for you! Thank you for your continued support!

Chef Sandro’s Famous Orecchiette
Thursday, July 29

Click here to reserve.

$119 per couple
we regret that we cannot offer
single dinners for this event

Includes 3 bottles of wine.

Pick-up between 5-7 p.m.


Orecchiette con Salsiccia di Cervo
orecchiette with smoked venison in a light tomato sauce
Impero 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon, Abruzzo

Vitello Piccata
thinly sliced veal scaloppine with lemon & capers
Farina 2018 Valpolicella Ripasso Montecorna, Veneto

Torta con Le Fragole
strawberry and vanilla tart
Caposaldo NV Moscato, Lombardy

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