For this Thursday’s virtual wine dinner, we’ll be featuring one of the world’s most famous but misunderstood wines: Amarone, Italy’s “biggest red.” It’s a wine that the Roman poets loved. It’s a wine that Dante tasted when he was first exiled from Florence. And it’s also one of our favorites here at Roma.

ROMA wine director Jeremy first began tasting these wines when he was a student in Amarone country. Since that time, he’s spent countless hours on the ground there tasting vintage after vintage and meeting with some of the appellation’s top winemakers.

“Even though it’s one of Italy’s oldest winemaking traditions,” says Jeremy, “it’s an incredibly complicated process, which can be challenging to understand.”

But the extra effort always pays off, he notes.

“So few Americans know these incredibly rich and nuanced wines,” he adds. “Here at ROMA we love watching people’s delight and amazement when they taste them for the first time. Chef’s wild boar stew is spot on for this wine and I know this is going to be one of our best virtual tastings and seminars to date.”

See menu and details below.

And don’t forget: on Wednesday, October 13, we are debuting our new “Dinner and an Italian Movie” series. For our first event, we’ll be watching the Fellini 1973 classic “Amarcord” outside on the patio. Click here for details. There are still spots available.

What is Amarone?
Virtual Wine Dinner & Seminar
with ROMA wine director Jeremy Parzen

Thursday, October 7
7:30 p.m.
guests will be provided with a Zoom link

$119 per couple

Please email Jeremy to reserve
by clicking here.


Insalata Autunnale
Mixed greens, walnuts, figs & gorgonzola

Rigatoni alla Norma
Rigatoni with eggplant & a light tomato sauce
topped with burrata

Spezzatino di Cinghiale
Wild boar stew with Amarone reduction

Monte Zovo 2016 Amarone della Valpolicella

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